Privacy Policy . .

First item: Introduction

Believing in the importance and confidentiality of data, and in effort of (Tabaud) application management to provide the best levels of service while committing to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of users data and the data extracted, the application management is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of users information and the materials entered by them as a basis of the privacy policy, and the application management will not disclose this information except in accordance with the specific regulations stipulated in Article 4 (Use and Disclosure).

Second item: User Information

The application sends disguised identifier data to the smart phones using the same application, which were registered during the socializing period with the person infected with coronavirus, accompanied by the data of the infected persons devices, according to the policies of the two companies (Google and Apple).

Third item: Collecting and Storing Information

A- Collection of information:
(Tabaud) application collects some smart phone data that helps to improve the experience, such as the device language and system type. The application also detects the nearby smartphones using Low Energy Bluetooth for the purpose of informing users -in case of contact with a coronavirus patient- through the application in accordance with the criteria set by the Ministry of Health (in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) to combat the pandemic of Coronavirus and any other authority according to the local regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
In case the device used is based on Android OS, to ensure the Bluetooth is fully functional, the GPS (location functionality) should also be activated. This requirement is part of Android OS for the app to work, and not a requirement. The app does not use the location services and does not collect nor store the location information.
B – Storing Information
The information collected will be stored in the servers specified by the application management within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The application management governs that these servers are protected against hack and unauthorized access in accordance with applicable standards, and the application management undertakes to delete them from those servers in (14) days.

Fourth item: Use and Disclosure

A- The application services and their use are subjected to the health standards issued by the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which aims to facilitate the access of users (in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) to the reporting service in case of suspicion or infection of Coronavirus and other notifications sent by the application. The user agrees to protect his personal information and not to be disclosed by the application management to any party except in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the requirements imposed by local regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
B- The right to access information of the users is confined to authorize staff in the application management and for the purposes, goals and use described in the terms and conditions and this document.
C- The user data that does not identify him shall be used within cumulative statistical data and indicators, and share them with all the relevant authorities according to what the application management deems appropriate.
D- In case the user wanted to request help through the app, the user can fill-in contact information, this information include (ID number, Date of Birth, Mobile Number).
E- In case an infected user wanted to inform others through the app, the user can provide information to confirm the positive infection case prior to notifying other users, this information include (ID number, Date of Birth).

Fifth item: External Links

The application may include links to external third parties, in which the privacy policy may differ from the policy adopted by us. The application is not responsible for the content of these links or their policy, and the user assume full responsibility for his data. We encourage users to check the policy of the links before using them.

Sixth item: User Responsibility to Protect Privacy

In order to protect user information, we recommend the following:
A- The users should call the technical support of the application immediately when they believe that another person managed to obtain private information related to the application or any other confidential information.
B- The users should not give any confidential information via the phone or the internet unless the identity of the person or party receiving the information is known.
C- The users should use the application through a secure smart mobile phone with an emphasis on protecting the device using protection applications such as antivirus apps, and updating them continuously

Seventh item : General Provisions

- The authority overseeing the application:
Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence – National Information Center
- Tabaud application management reserves the right to add or change any of the privacy policy provisions, and the management of the application will notify the user accordingly.
- The Arabic language is the one adopted in applying the terms and conditions. In the case of a dispute over the interpretation of any text mentioned in any other language, the written text shall be submitted in the Arabic language.